We are building strong partnerships across the healthcare system.

Quinten Health initiates and develops strategic partnerships with academic research organizations as well as private companies to deliver innovative solutions to healthcare professionals and organizations, regulatory agencies and payers, and Pharmaceutical / medical device companies. These partnerships can take the form of collaborative projects funded by public grants (Horizon, IHI European projects, National innovation programs), or spontaneous partnerships based on business synergies / complementarities.

Data & clinical expertise

Clinical Research & methodology

Business synergies

Data & clinical expertise

Clinical Research & methodology

Business synergies

Logo Centre Gustave Roussy

Research Partnership with Gustave Roussy

Quinten Health teams up with Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute in a research partnership for the identification of predictive markers of response to immunotherapy in lung cancer.
By combining the clinical and biological databases and expertise of Gustave Roussy in oncology with the know-how of Quinten Health we hope to open up new avenues towards a better understanding of the factors of response to immunotherapy, and contribute to better targeting of these treatments.
Gustave Roussy and Quinten Health have already successfully collaborated in the past on similar topics.

Agoria Santé consortium logo

Partnership with INSERM/Constances cohort

INSERM/Constances cohort and Quinten Health have launched a multi-disease partnership focused on developing and utilizing digital twins of real-life patients to de-risk and accelerate late-stage clinical trials. The goal is to better differentiate and position new compounds in development and anticipate their real-life medical and economic impact on chronic diseases, particularly asthma and COPD.

Agoria Santé consortium logo

Partnership with AGORiA SANTĒ

Quinten Health is now a partner of the AGORiA SANTÉ Consortium, led by Docaposte with AstraZeneca, Impact Healthcare, and Takeda. It aims to provide Real-World Health Data (DSVR) platform within a controlled legal framework, supporting research projects for both public and private entities.
As an expert in real-world digital twins, data analysis, modeling, and advanced simulation for health decision support, we will contribute to the identification of new use cases and the implementation of projects for the analysis and exploitation of health data.

Logo Unicancer

Partnership with Unicancer

By combining Unicancer‘s clinical expertise and data, with Quinten Health’s technologies in predictive modeling of diseases and care pathways, this partnership is dedicated to the development and use of digital twins of real-life patients to de-risk and accelerate late-stage clinical trials, to better differentiate and position new compounds in development, and to anticipate their real-life medical and economic impact. The first disease of focus is lung cancer.

Logo Pulse Infoframe

Partnership with Pulse Infoframe

Pulse Infoframe & Quinten Health partner to advance precision medicine through real-world evidence generation in oncology and rare diseases.

Life sciences companies now have access to 70+ research sites, a compliant evidence generation platform, and artificial intelligence expertise.

Partnership with Euresis Partner

Euresis Partners & Quinten Health joined forces to offer healthcare products companies strategic and operational support leveraging Real-World Data Science & Advanced Analytics.

Partnership with Certara

Quinten Health partners with Certara to advance precision medicine and health economics.

Through this partnership, Quinten Health, along with Certara, is providing integrated pharmacometrics, health economics and machine learning(ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) technologies applied to help pharmaceutical companies design better and faster trials and develop portfolio and access strategies, leveraging both trial and real-world data.

Partnership with Aetion

Quinten Health and Aetion partner to offer novel evidence generation solutions to unlock the full potential of health data.

This partnership enables global biopharma companies, regulatory agencies, and payers to generate and validate novel insights leveraging real-world data and using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning algorithms.

Logo l'Institut Cancérologie de l'Ouest
Logo Deeplink Medical

Partnership with Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (ICO) and Deeplink

Institut de Cancérologie de l’Ouest (ICO), Deeplink & Quinten Health partner to improve the adverse events monitoring and managment in early phase clinical trials, using a digital device enhanced by artificial intelligence.