About Us

Quinten Health is a team of 50+ healthcare data scientists, modelers and biomedical and public health experts.

the leadership team

Alexandre Templier, PhD, MBA
Co-founder and President of Quinten group

Billy Amzal - CEO Quinten Health

Billy Amzal, PhD, MBA
CEO of Quinten Health

quinten health family

Our journey


Quinten creation by three engineers, Mariem, Guillaume, and Alexandre, united by the same vision: data is going to play the central role in organisations.


Quinten collaborates with 20 Big pharma, biotech, and top-notched research institutions.


Start of the strategic partnership with Sanofi on extracting value from real world data.


Quinten becomes a leading expert in leveraging real world data via artificial intelligence and creates the Quinten Health subsidiary to help stakeholders across the healthcare value chain make informed decisions and improve patients care.