Healthcare authorities have to manage critical decisions with limited resources.

Quinten Health provides them with AI-powered decision support solutions to optimize their daily workflows.

Digital transformation, AI capability assessment, trainings

Quinten Academy, part of the Quinten Group, is committed to providing companies with the benefit of the constantly evolving experience of its creators, in the service of a truly useful artificial intelligence and a successful digital transformation that is sustainable, autonomous and restores everyone's confidence.


Drug utilization monitoring with RWD

Machine learning algorithms developed by Quinten Health allow for characterizing optimal treatment patterns based on patient’s medical history and characteristics. Disease progression can then be modeled in the real-world e.g. to detect unmet medical needs, predict realistic disease-level public health impact of new treatments and help positioning drugs under development.


Literature scanning of safety issues

Quinten Health designs high-performing bespoke solutions to automate literature review and data extraction. We adapt to the business context (e.g. dossier submissions, pharmacovigilance, or drug discovery) and tailor end-to-end platforms with user interfaces, IT architecture, and input/outputs design which fit users’ workflow and their specific business needs.