Real-World Data analysis on Fabry’s disease provide insights that may contribute to a more personalized patient care

2023, 11 May

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Grégoire Dugast

The article “Cluster analysis of kidney function decline among males with Fabry disease in a large United States electronic health records database” has been published on April 14th 2023 in the Oxford Academic Journal on behalf of the European Renal Association.

It was written in collaboration with Alexandra Chiorean, Nicole Lyn, Shaum Kabadi, Margot Blanchon, Paul Hayat, Paul Loustalot, Manish Maski, Martin Montmerle, Elvira Ponce

Fabry disease is a X-linked lysosomal storage disorder. This genetic rare pathology is caused by deficient α-galactosidase A activity. Phenotypes range from “classic” to “later-onset” with varying kidney disease progression. Identifying patterns of declining kidney function and involvement of other major organs in patients with FD is important to guide therapy decisions.

This article explains the objectives, methods, results and conclusions, with all the details and graphics present in the article.


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