Quinten Health Partners with Certara to Advance Precision Medicine and Health Economics

2021, 27 May

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Grégoire Dugast

Paris, May 27, 2021 – Quinten Health today announced that it is collaborating with Certara, Inc. to offer a unique end-to-end suite of technology-enabled services to biopharmaceutical companies for more agile data-driven R&D and market access.

As precision care and digital healthcare become a reality, the pharmaceutical industry needs to reinvent the way drugs are developed and marketed with more agility and better anticipation of their real-world value.

Through this partnership, Quinten Health, along with Certara, is providing integrated pharmacometrics, health economics and machine learning (ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) technologies applied to help pharmaceutical companies design better and faster trials and develop portfolio and access strategies, leveraging both trial and real-world data.

Certara and Quinten Health bring the best of the two worlds. Certara has the strongest and largest pool of pharmacometrics and health economic modelers and tools. Our AI/ML algorithms will help integrating both biological and economic data to support real-time decision making” says Dr. Billy Amzal, CEO of Quinten Health.

Quinten Health specializes in interpretable real-world data science, ML/AI and natural language processing applied to biomedical literature. For example, Quinten Health performs high-performance patient profiling with Q-Finder®, a proprietary machine learning algorithm designed to identify and characterize high-value sub-groups. Q-Finder® has proven to be instrumental in, for example, drug responders identification or fast progressors profiling. See Quinten Health website for more details. This expertise, combined with Certara’s pioneering work in the area of health outcomes prediction under real-world conditions, enables improved models, and importantly, more precise and more timely predictions.

Quinten Health’s partnership with Certara will enable the healthcare ecosystem to accelerate time to market and de-risk strategic decisions by generating integrative real-world evidence and in silico realworld impact simulations.


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