Gustave Roussy and Quinten Health signed a research partnership for the identification of predictive markers of response to immunotherapy in lung cancer

2021, 17 March

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Grégoire Dugast

Paris, March 17, 2021 – After decades of innovation and research in immunotherapy, researchers recently turned to a promising new therapeutic strategy that breaks the tolerance acquired by the immune system towards cancer cells. Although this strategy has profoundly changed the fight against certain cancers such as metastatic melanoma, by extending patient life and lowering the risk of relapse, clinicians need appropriate tools to identify patients who are likely to respond to these innovative therapies.

The objective of this partnership is to identify new markers to target populations responding to immunotherapy and to orient non-responders to other more suitable strategies.

By combining the clinical and biological databases and expertise of Gustave Roussy in oncology with the know-how of Quinten Health, a pioneering company in the field of artificial intelligence applied to health, which has developed a subgroup discovery algorithm particularly suited to this type of research topic¹, both partners hope to open up new avenues towards a better understanding of the factors of response to immunotherapy, and contribute to better targeting of these treatments. Gustave Roussy and Quinten Health have already successfully collaborated in the past on similar topics².



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