Quinten spins off 50 data scientists to become a global leader in precision care using artificial intelligence and real-world data science

2021, 23 February

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Grégoire Dugast

Following the launch of PharmIA, an awarded¹ software to augment and facilitate the prescriptions review by hospital pharmacists, Quinten now launches Quinten Health: a global and integrated analytical services and tools development offer.

Paris, February 23, 2021 – Quinten, French pioneer of AI-based decision support solutions since 2008, decides to take the next step in the healthcare sector by creating the spin-off Quinten Health. Quinten Health’s AI-based technologies enable for instance earlier and better diagnosis of rare diseases, drug responders profiling, weak safety signals identification, optimal and precision treatment pathways, and ultimately augment and rationalize critical medical decisions at the point of care.

Quinten Health builds on Quinten’s proprietary algorithms and data science capabilities grown over a decade of R&D and hundreds of impactful projects.

A know-how that combines healthcare expertise and data culture

The Quinten Health team blends a mix of 50 data scientists, data engineers, as well as biomedical and digital health experts for impactful and interpretable healthcare data science. Quinten Health currently works on a rich product pipeline, including precision oncology solutions, universal and RGPD-compliant hospital data networks, and NLP-based medical literature analysis.

While healthcare has been the major focus for Quinten so far, it was time to gear up and specialize as a genuine HealthTech company, serving and promoting synergies between drug developers, care providers and public health decision makers through artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions developed with and for them” commented Dr Alexandre Templier, President and Co-founder of the Quinten group.

According to Dr Billy Amzal, recently appointed Quinten Health CEO: “We have fast growth perspectives and partner with top-notched research and public health organizations to be positioned as the European leader in intelligent care”.



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