Our team will be at ISPOR Europe 2022

2022, 31 October

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Katleen Choux
ISPOR Europe 2022 - Quinten Health - Billy Amzal - Mélissa Rollot

Quinten Health will be at ISPOR Europe 2022 in Vienna.

Billy Amzal (CEO) will be at ISPOR Europe 2022 from Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th 2022 in Vienna, Austria.
This event welcomes the global healthcare leaders with conferences that will cover key health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) topics and the latest trends in healthcare.

Mélissa Rollot (Manager Data Scientist) will also present and answer question about the poster entitled “A Natural Language Processing (NLP) Approach to Automate Patients’ Testimonials Analysis written in collaboration with Coriande Clemente, Vincent Martenot and Paul Hayat

See the poster abstract here


📆 From Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th, 2022
🏙 Austria Center Vienna

Meet us at the ISPOR Europe 2022 in Vienna, Austria, from Nov. 6th to Nov. 9th, 2022 !

About ISPOR Europe 2022

ISPOR, the professional society for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), is an international, multistakeholder, nonprofit dedicated to advancing HEOR excellence to improve decision making for health globally.

ISPOR Europe 2022 is the leading global conference for health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) event that welcomes all healthcare stakeholders and is directly relevant to researchers and academicians, assessors and regulators, payers and policy makers, the life sciences industry, healthcare providers, and patient engagement organizations. This global scientific event will cover key HEOR topics, including:

  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Health Policy and Regulatory
  • Health Service Delivery and Process of Care
  • Health Technology Assessment
  • Medical Technologies
  • Methodological and Statistical Research
  • Organizational Practices
  • Patient-Centered Research
  • Real-World Data and Information Systems
  • Real-World Evidence
  • Study Approaches
ISPOR Europe 2022 x Quinten Health

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